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7th July, 2015 Writers
Growing up as a child I wasn't sure of what I wanted to be, no clue or idea maybe confused or just naive but somewhere in my head I think I had this little thought that I might be a superhero, smiles. I want to believe I acted it, with my long white socks, tying my bed sheet round my neck believing I can fly. I probably jumped from bed to bed in my room thinking I flew, of course with just I alone making funny heroic noises. It was mostly weird though, talking alone but I like to think I had imaginative enemies and I never lost a fight, like they popularly say actor no dey die.

I didn't turn out the superhero like I thought I would eventually be, with a broad wide chest and some kinda blue singlet with capital letter M boldly written at my chest and blue leggings and a funny red pant which I always wondered why they had to wear the pants over the leggings but that's a talk for another day I guess.
Well, that's basically how life usually turns out to be, we don't end up being who we always wanted to be and who we always wanted to spend them with. We end up loving the people we never thought we would love and maybe end up with. Sometimes we take jobs we swore never to take...and maybe return to schools we pledged never to return for masters.*shrugs*

So you had this perfect plan that at the age of twenty eight you would want to get your PHD done but unfortunately you thirty two still waiting to get admission for your master that's if you lucky sef but maybe your story isn't similar but in the end life goes on.
I remember having this conversation with a close bro Dipo, and I asked him,
Dipo how did you survive the pain and loss of your father? He replied with a lot of things and how he felt about people, most importantly how they would come and just talk and blab thinking they are helping, but he said he remembered what someone told him and it was in the end life goes on.
The truth is that, no matter how much you don't want it to go on, it just does. The pain of loosing a love one might always be there but in the end life goes on. It can't be stopped or fought.

You probably just had a failed relationship and it seemed your partner stopped fighting for what was important to you guys and you feel heartbroken, life goes on. I guess hurt and pain is inevitable but life does go on. The fact that you are alive means that you have to move on. When there's life there's hope, sometimes it needs to be found and searched for, but as long as theirs life and some ability to breath air there's indeed hope. A good example of a such is cobhams Asuquo after born blind still is able to achieve all he dreamt. Now he's a "lord" in music and still plays the keyboard exceptionally well. Life is full of its phases and troubles but life goes on. It could even be an extra semester or session, at the end of it, life goes on. Am aware that bad things happen to good people, but who decides who is even good. I would rather just say bad things happen, things go wrong, loved ones die, but sadly and truthfully life goes on. You might as well just enjoy the moment.

If only the world respected itself and humanity and would stand still just so we can relinquish in the pain of hurt and disappointment but It has no respect, the sun would always shine and the moon would always pay it's respect neither would the stars hold back it's beauty. They never consider what day of the week they should go on break. Every time I come out looking at the stars which I do very often, two things I never forget, that there is a God and life goes on. Many people say that a good way to overcome pain is a good laugh and a long sleep, and as much as I want to subscribe to that, last week both of them couldn't help neither could a good music or writing do.

Someone i look up to, Suli breaks, would say, " we worry so much about things we can't fix, if you can't fix them, maybe that means they are not broken and it's probably meant to be that way. That might frustrate you mentally but technically it should set you free."

Sigh!!! Life has thought me so many things...but how I went through every challenge was by trusting God. You might not want to hear that, but that's the definition of how I moved on.
Life can be difficult, but life goes on. Find Hope.

You might not be making so much money yet in that bead making, or maybe that writing job isn't coming on well or you don't get as many likes on your pictures or followers on twitter Sigh!!! Life just goes on.
Life has hit me so hard on different sides and it's surprising that am still here, maybe standing on one feet but soon I hope to have both feet on the ground.
Life is a gift, open it up and see what's there for you and when it throws troubles and hardship embrace it.
Life goes on! Life goes on! Life goes on!

I am not the superhero I thought I would be, but I guess even if it's just one soul who reads what I write and smiles and hopefully can find direction and solution to a problem , I guess that makes me a hero after all.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Life is filled with challenges, everyday we are faced with one trouble or the other, but we need to pick ourselves up and know life goes on.

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