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Growing up I was lied to, truth, far away from me, defined by my society not today but those days when my forefathers said education was preserved for one gender and I cannot but wonder.

You see, being judged didn't start today, was it in the fact that they named us girls?

G- graciously
I-. Industrious
R- resourceful
L- lovers

Did that scare them?
Did we look weak at first sight or did we cry louder than normal at birth or because we had no muscles Mike Tyson. Maybe because we answered another name eventually 21questions. We've been less privileged like the beggars on the Anambra Uga bridge with hungry faces patiently waiting for a saviour who would smile on their faces and tie their laces so they could walk to places. What gave them the idea that boys were better? Were they prophets? Judging our future from conception giving us a future at the first sign of our nipples marriage. They infect us with ETD'S; emotional transmitted diseases

Even the gods of the land desired our blood, like zombies we were used to appease the land from evil calling it justice with no mercy. Like jack the ripper, we were ripped apart, everyday tearing us in part and drove fear into our hearts until we got scared of our shodows deep sigh!!!
Using us as collateral for their happiness, we didn't have a voice for they were our words our spokesmen like my kinsmen they ruled over us calling us subjects let's not forget our objects more like objection my lord for we were overruled, we didn't even have an arguement to start with I mean end with.
Such a misery but now history.

But that is nothing close to the end only the beginning, we thought we could smile now but we didn't fight for our freedom Nigeria. Definition of the word women: abused verbally and physically, judged either too fat or too slim in other words not good enough actually never enough, like the stretch marks on our body they call us ugly and in a short time become their sex toys and an instrument of their ploy.

And the lucky ones like us who turn out to be outstanding and pretty in their eyes, we are never lucky to hear comments like "your Bae must be trying o" and when we say no I don't have a Boo they look at us like we loosing breath, no air, Chris Brown. Sigh!!! We have to be the ones to resolve between family and ambition God help you if you want both. If you get pregnant before marriage, you're useless, if you don't get pregnant after marriage, you're useless. Being smart and intelligent doesn't matter, having a good job with a fat salary doesn't matter either, are you married and your answer is a no, you're useless. From the age of 20/21 we are asked jamb questions like when will you marry? Where is the man? Does he have money? Is his father a senator? Do they have a dog in their house?
Daily we are used for music videos just to expose some body part Free Porn knowing fully our strength that whatever we touch produces into fruits, more money, more viewers. They say its fifty shades of gray and I say we are only an instrument like clay in his hands.
It's sad that some of us are responsible to have been looked down on and have believed what they define us as, weak forgetting that it's true meaning is

W- Wonderful
E-. Extraordinary
A-. Awesome
K-. And Worth Keeping

We ignore the level and amount of strength that pours out of us like the Duba Lion adapting to any situation regardless of the circumstances we still come out victorious like gladiators not afraid to face what's thrown at us. Don't get this twisted, this is no don jazzy, the music stopped, the dance steps are over, is time to arise no lies to this.
The Duba lion, different from all shades of lions, strong and exceptionally brave not afraid of the buffaloes. Marooned by an island the society, this group of lions should have died out, women, instead in an evolutionary twist, they've learned to swim, rising above every phase of storm. We stand as women no retreat no surrender, fearless and ferocious we are the new breed.

Our emotions are wired like naked electrical cable, having regular and irregular discharge, not many understand us and our true definition of love is when we act like God, turning liquid from sperm into the form of a baby and the ability to keep another safe from the womb for 9months and as the bones of the baby developes in the womb of a mother is still one of the greatest mysteries I still struggle to resolve. We fight for our lives to survive the excruciating pain but we also survive so another could live, if that's not love then what is?

Final words!!! I am no feminist, not even a motivational speaker never, I speak of the Truth, the one From all Truth who is The only Truth for He shaped you from your inside and then your outside, formed you from your mother's womb, for you are breathtaking body and soul, marvelously made, what a creation!!! He knows you from your inside and out. He knows every bone in your body and knows exactly how you were made bit by bit. Sculptured you from nothing into something . Like an open book he watched you grow from conception to birth.
All stages of life has been spread out before you, the days of your life all prepared before you lived one day.

Now why would you think less of yourself? When the one who lives inside you, breathes through you and has his habitation inside of you. In a world where everything defines the woman, why not seek the one who formed you to define you.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • This is a bit long but I was disturbed by the misconception about ladies and women.

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