Dear sister
8th July, 2015 Writers

Dear sister,

it took forever to say this but its better you know.

In loving kindness you are in nature,

with a laughter noone can place,

yourintelligence has no limits

and your smile bright as the moonlight

you laid there on my knees,

reading the book you had always loved,

whispering things only you say well,

like the words of the wise that never grows dry of knowledge.

you cautioned, you warned.

Of the evil this world  had grown to be,

its cruelity and saddness to the beauty of life.

its mockery of the sacred things that were once pillars of peace.

for six years  you saw more of the world,

i should never argue with your words,

I listened and smiled,

i am blessed to have a sister.

so i rose in the early morning of  sunrise,

and left a pack of love on your plain desk,

in there are my expressons of love.

that i would be with you 

as life should.

but you laid there without a word,

and looked at me in a sudden numb.

for your long sickness had taken you home

and so i  write this in your memory,

of a loving sister you had been,

on this day you left me 

to face the earth"s cruelity and sweetness,

so you shall be in shadows

and whispers the words of an hero

i will never forget your smiles,

yourlaughter and your pranks,

need i say i miss you sister?

because she was everything

a woman should be,

a friend should be,

a lover should be,

 a treasure should be,

you remain my sister.





Lagos, Nigeria
  • to the dearest of sisters..........

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