9th July, 2015 Writers
Before I met you I was in a relationship with depression, I hated love stories especially "ROMEO & JULIET 
I damned Shakespeare and hated the valentine's air
Infact I still don't want to feel love in the air until cupid puts on a shirt and that's because i don't believe in love 
When I met you,  I knew what we shared was more than love 
I didn't feel incomplete without you, I will rather give that glory to God 
I created hope for all the hurt, I finally said yes and opened my legs, to me that's like light at the end of a tunnel 
I had my doubts and wanted to turn back my heart to stone but it seemed impossible because what I felt was like a bowl of soup for an hungry soul
You had me at "am coming over" and I had you at... well I had you at this :
               "THE VIRGIN'S VOW"
So today I write this vow to the one I adore, today I look back to the day I was born and all I can say is indeed "I waited"
I kept my baby maker for this long and I promise you it's not a forest because everyday I kept it sparkling new till now, the time of harvest 
I am not the beauty you thought of, but you had and will always have competitors 
I don't like flowers, I don't fancy sweet talks, I always cut conversations, I never remember to turn the lights off, and I am one too jealous 
What I am saying is, I am quite disorganized, every damn pain makes me cry 
But I promise to go through the same pain and  make you 5 babies 
I promise to stay with you for ever in life and to never say goodbye. 
On the day I do, promise me back that you will cry because that day will be the day I will die 
And if there's a word deeper than love, I will prefer it, so the ocean will be jealous 
Till then I refuse to agree that I love you 
Till I get a word good enough to match my feelings, I will say I more than love you 
And I promise ain't lying. 
Lagos, Nigeria
  • She's good but she's not an angel, she sins but she's not the devil, she is just a virgin girl who has found someone to finally adore in a big world

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