Accusing Finger
10th July, 2015 Writers

“It was that woman you gave me.” Adam started it, and until now, we keep practicing it.

It’s quite sad we all push blames when we err, and when we do things wrongly.

It’s quite sad we want people to own up to their mistakes, yet we avoid owning up to our mistakes.

“No, it’s not my fault; he/she caused me to.”

“I’d have done it that way, if not that person.”

“He/She started it, so don’t blame me.”

These are our claims when we hurt others, when we err, when we make mistakes, even when we fail, yes when we fail.

Accusing finger, accusing finger, accusing finger; when will it stop?

If not your fault, then whose fault?

When will it be your own fault?

When will it be my own fault?

I failed exam, I blame it on government, poor infrastructure, lousy lecturers, blab la bla…..

My business failed, I blame it on government, high cost of running generator blab la bla….

When you mistakenly cause yourself or others harm, then it’s an attack, “your village people is against you. blab la bla……

Must you always point an accusing finger on others?

Even if others caused you, then why not own up and learn from the mistake.

You hurt your kids; you give excuses running round with words. ”Dad and Mum are always right.” Who said so?

You hurt your spouse, still you avoid owning up, “If you didn’t talk back, I wouldn’t have said that to you.” Lol…

You hurt your parents, it’s their fault, you keep saying. “Don’t you know we are in the new age?” Onye kwuru?

You hurt your sibling, you feel shy to own up, “I’m your elder.”  You take defense.

Even when you betray your friend, “he/she made you to.”

Your marriage failed, it was the other person and not your fault.

He/she caught you cheating, “yes it wasn’t you.” Maybe na ghost.

I kept lying when I was a kid, just to avoid owning up; but then, I learnt the hard way, cos I was never corrected.

I know that when I post this write-up and don’t get views and likes just like MuyisBanire or Moyosoreoluwa, I’ll also blame it on 54 Artistry……  

Yes it’s my fault. When will you learn to say that?

When will we learn to own up to our mistakes and say just these three words “I’m sorry?”

Nigeria has failed; we blame it on the leaders. “Clueless, Dollardinho.” Lolzz…

Accept your mistake, it’s bravely and not weakness

It’s never gonna diminish your status, it’s never ever gonna take away your pride.

But it’s gonna make you a hero.

Yes you’re the real hero.

Take actions to correct the wrong; surrender just like GEJ…….

And make that simple call, saving others and yourself the embarrassment.


But to be serious, it’s not our fault; it’s our first parents (Adam & Eve)….. Lol

Anambra, Nigeria
  • It's sad when when accuse others for our mistakes, owning up saves us lot more stress.

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