Arikeh's note - As a graduate
11th July, 2015 Writers is my final paper in school,still cant believe I stayed this long in LASU,you guys would be wondering what course I was actually doing that took me so long*sighs*history and international relations kuku ni...
‎.....the strike,ASUU palava,STUDENT wahala,ALUTA whatever and all of that
My paper was for one o'clock ,my clique planned on going somewhere after our paper to hang out in our favourite spot(STALAD) just around the corner of the school,its been our spot since we were in 200l and it's one of the best place to chill,beautiful sight,nice bars,swimming pool and vip bars,well equipped with nature and tight security...I dressed like am going out on a date trying to look a little different from my usual mode of dressing,by the way you could Google me to find out my usual way of dressing. A little bit of makeover done by my cousin AYINKE and my hair,making me look like a chic that I am‎
    As I approached the school gate,i noticed my course mates who all complimented me...hey beau,you look stunning, kamal says,to which I replied with a blush..thanks and soon we had to get to the exam hall to download‎ our 'odos'. We got into the exam hall,the paper which lasted for about two hours like we expected it to be but. At least I am a genius,I was able to write something and thanks to JIRADE who was sitting in front of me and  happens to be a genius like me,we both worked together in the exam hall sha if u know what I mean*winks*
Done now,i submitted my script and walked out of the hall waiting for my see in my clique,we are 6 stunning beau,'TAMI,RADEKE,JIRADE,KEMI,JIBOLA' and myself ARIYIKE,they all joined me after some couple of minutes and we headed towards the cafeteria.we deliberated on going to eat before  going to our spot to chill for a while before going home
   Mama ibeji was the best in school when it comes to noodles  and egg sauced  with assorted and 'ponmo',we got to her food shed and made our orders which took about 15 minutes .food is ready now,we set our cutleries  to eat and JIRADE was already complaining the ponmo not well sauced ‎with pepper to which all of us started laughing cos she's always complaining about  everything,she even complained about her ex break up line. ..we nimble on our food and by the time we called mama ibeji to give us something to drink,we heard two gun shots and bingo! everywhere was in pandemonium and na so we hear from one dude in our class that na cultists dey fight  and warned us to leave the school premises 
Cultists keh?i picked my bag looking for where to hide‎
   We ran towards the school second gate which led to another street adjacent the school,we were still hearing the clashing of cutlasses and bottles,radeke was like we should run to our favourite spot so that we would still be able to chill for a while.....stalad keh?me no dey chill with bottles and cutlasses on my head and that's how we all find our square root 
E no easy to be a graduate o,all thanks to God,after 7 good,bad and ugly years in school..we are waiting on the next level now,good job and a new life...o boy if we wan do masters or phd in LASU,e go take like 15 to 20years be that,greatest lasuites... I hail o ‎

Lagos, Nigeria
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