10th July, 2015 Photographers
I was sitting in the bus waiting for the driver to take off when I looked through the window and saw the real hustling spirit in every one of them outside. From the impatient drivers, to the wheel Barrow pushers, to the road side traders or even the pedestrians. I saw the determination in each eyes, the determination in not to become a failure, the determination to elevate their respective families, the determination to find something to eat that day. Insipite of the hard conditions life imposed on us, we Nigerians have a knack to conquer, we always believe that there is a better tomorrow. We always want things to change for the better. I could not help but capture them. I always want something to look at as a motivation and say to myself, I am not alone in this LIFE battle. One day it will be better. 
  • This photo shows the daily hustling lives of Nigerians, the die hard spirit in us to succeed in spite of all odds.

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