ife mi
10th July, 2015 Writers
a soothing oil is what you gave as love,
Balming the edge of my feet and the steel in my tongue.

Like fresh palm wine,
you are refreshing,
Set before me all day long,
I am tipsy blue.

In your smile,i catch my breath,
Wrapped in the armour of your gaze,
A gladiator is all I see in the mirror.

I'm strewn all over your stately figure,
added to a million sums of your solo wriggles,
Tortured with a tamed distance of your care and pudding,

When my elbow meet my chin,
coined in a thought to please,
my chest heave,
how would i know any other woman?
modest,sincere and unwaywardly plain?
I was created to love you,
I was born to fantasize your corner.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A love poem that reveals how lost and resonating a man could be in the world of his woman.

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