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We almost entered the bank together when I felt her eyes on me, she was a girl like myself so probably she liked what I was wearing or thought I was cute but I was soon to find out the reason she was staring! Standing behind me on the long queue to make a withdrawal I could swear she was sizing me up, she either is really obsessed about my outfit or just plain crazy. She was beautiful too so I really don’t understand her unhealthy fixation or maybe she was a lesbian, I was immediately irritated, but my irritation was soon to be clarified because she started a conversation!

Hi she started, am sure you are wondering why the stare don’t worry I’d let you know! Let’s meet after now, I have a proposition for you she concluded! A proposition? Oh well it better not be what I was thinking because I was ready to tell her things that would make her think even in her grave!

We quickly went to a nearby outlet after our transactions at the bank was through and the next lines of conversation we had felt like a movie! I want you to meet my brother she bluntly stated, I need you to make him fall in love with you, and I’d pay you, there’s this girl he’s going to ask out soon and I want you to stop that from happening. This girl he claims he’s falling for is the worse person for him but she’s smoothing him with her charms so he can’t see her horns, all i want from you is to distract him from her and make him want you instead!

I was shocked and confused, things like this only happens in movies. A sister pimping a date for his brother? this has all the quality of awkward! As if reading my tnought she furthered her request! Listen I know what you are thinking but I am not a pimp, I love my baby brother and I’d do anything to protect him from girls like Christy! She doesn’t love him, all she cares about is his money and how a relationship with him would boost her rep in the society. I can’t let her hurt him, he’s all I have, you’ve got so help me save him from himself came her plea!

How do you know I won’t be worse than Christy I question, plus, how are you sure when he finds out he’d forgive you, you might be trying to help him but when he finds out you might loose him, besides what makes you so sure am the right person for the job? Well for starters no one can be worse than Christy, and I know you, quite too well plus I studied you when I saw you last week around mayside avenue where you work, I gathered some info about you, so trust me when I say you are best for the job!

You have been trailing me? Jesus you are a freak! All of that because you want your brother to ditch a girl? Who does that? I was pissed! Come on Cassandra don’t play coy she responded, after that horrible breakup with your ex you need the distraction plus you could use the money I know you are broke, you got everything George loves in woman, you are fair,tall,right figure and you don’t speak too shabby that’s why I selected you to do this because I know you can, and no he’s not my just my brother, he’s my twin brother and am that kind of girl that would go to the extreme to protect the once I love damming the consequences!

So are you in or not! She demanded? Why not think about it and here is my number, call me when you have thought about it! I’d make the first installment when I get your positive response! She was about to leave when she stopped, one last thing she said, here’s a picture of him, you can do this sandra, except of cause you have lost your touch.The rumors of you flowed freely around town when you turned down simon, the one super rich guy that every single ladies wants. It was only obvious you were playing with him but made him belived you were serious! Correct me if am wrong but this is your area of specialization, this is just another contract for you to win, all you need is say yes! With that she got in her car and Zoomed off!

I could not believe what just happened! Am in a movie and am playing the lead! Well she was right about one thing, I use to be that girl until I met Remy and fell helplessly in love with him, but he hurt me so badly, but no I have not lost my touch, am still the best in the game. Looking at his picture, not only is he cute but with that smile he could get any one to fall in love with him! Now she wants me to make him fall in love with me, what weapon have I got in my arsenal to protect my heart from falling in love with him? wait I have got one,after Remy hurt me the way he did there was no falling in love with anyone any time soon. The dice has been cast, the cards are on the table, the i’s have been dotted and the t’s crossed am doing this and yes he’d fall in love with me! It’s time to visit my arsenal of charms! He’s not going to know what hit him! Looking at her digits, I made the call to my new contractor!

…to be continued!

  • Her charms tops the chart in her arsenal and its going to be a battle field.

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