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It has been three weeks since he got my number and still no call from him. Maybe he lost it, after all it was scrabbled in a little piece of paper with an eye pencil. What ever I hissed maybe he was not secretly admiring me after all.
My phone rang at 11:30pm when I had tucked myself to bed and I guess he didn't loose my number after all. Hey beautiful came his lusty voice, I miss you! Missed me? I asked, how is that even possible and what exactly did you miss I demanded. I miss starring at you in class while you play ignorant and non challant. Yup! I wasn't wrong he secretly admired me. I smiled.
You stare at me? I hadn't notice came my response and he laughed. Come on Stormy you stare at me too when you think am not looking. Damn it I murmured under my breath, I had blown my cover. Come on Stormy don't be embarrassed I think it's a gift for you to steal glances at me.
Wait wait wait who is Stormy I hurriedly ask! You my darling. Every time I look at you my heart races like it's running from a storm.And with that I tucked myself out of bed. We spoke for two hours straight and it was amazing, we laughed, teased and flirted. It was like a perfect phone get away. We ended the "get away" with sentences like see you tomorrows  can't wait to see yous and the rest of the night was starry.
Tomorrow came and I rushed to class hoping he'd be waiting but he wasn't. He was running late I reasoned and with every person that walked through the door I anticipated Owen. The class was over and he didn't show and his number? Switched off.
Two weeks gone and not a single word from him. Either he's dead or suddenly has amnesia those were the only reasons I could possibly understand.  Going home from class almost three weeks later a car pulled up beside me and guess who it was? Yes you guess right Owen and he certainly wasn't dead and it didn't seem likd he  lost his memory either.
Hey Stormy he called out, get in. I promise I can explain. I was dieing to hear his explanation so I hopped in. Start talking I queried. Looking at me he said My God Stormy, you really are beautiful and I was going to say something but it ended up against his lips and we kissed like our life depended on it. You taste better than I imagine came his offhand remarks when we finally broke the kiss. 
We drove to the park, had loads of fun, fed each other ice cream, watched movies it was a day soaked in chocolate. It was amazing. He pecked and kissed me every chance he got and I savoured every moment. Dropping me off he said, I know I have an explanation to give and I promise I'd tell you everything but not tonight. I'd pick up tomorrow morning from school and we'd talk. Kissing my nose he continued you are mine Stormy and that's the way it's going to stay. I just need you to be patient with me, and I promise to make you feel like the only girl in the world.
Damn it! This boy is fine. Help me Jesus not to fall in love with him yet, I prayed in my head but too late I almost heard the Lord say. I love you Stormy, I love you so much, I wouldn't know how to not love you he concluded. I'd tuck you to bed with a call so you'd dream of me.He did tuck me to bed but that was the last I heard from him for another month.
I deleted his contact and was hating him when a knock came on my door. It was a delivery boy. He dropped off a package for me and by the time I opened it my Jaw dropped. It was a beautiful gold earrings with my name "Stormy" carved on it with it came a little note."Thinking of you my darling,  i'd see you soon" I was grining by now and I could not believe I was upset few seconds ago. Dear Lord I have fallen for Owen and his love that comes in doses.
Soon was two weeks later. Standing in front of his car and smiling that smile that always graces my heart, I ran to his embrace. Lifting me to the air I felt cripsy and couldn't help myself but let out the obvious and annoying truth. I love you Owen and I hate the fact that I do.
Slipping my hair behind my ear he asked, You love me really? then prove it. How do I do that I demanded? Marry me. Marry me Stormy. Looking at the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever seen I screamed yes and he echoed out of excitement SHE SAID YES, SHE SAID YES! He kissed and hugged me.
In his arms I wonder when I'd see him again.Maybe in a month or two,three,four or even Six but who cares because today he gave me love in over dose.
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