Big girl with big dreams
11th July, 2015 Writers
As a kid, I had a dream that one day I would make it. I would stand on that podium with he plaque in my hands, thousands cheering and applauding, the whole world watchdog me though the media. My parents smiling bigger than their faces, my fathers cheat bursting wit pride, my mother shedding Tears of joy, my siblings chattering and laughing and my name on the lips of friends, enemies and well wishers alike. 
Eager, anxious, excited and impatient, I attended my first class. More than ready to please, eager to learn, I digested with all commitment all my teachers taught like a starved wolf. I still lagged behind, results came and expectations were cut short. Letters began to look jumbled, a 'b' like a 'd', a 'd' like a 'p'.  I wrote up-side-down. I went to seek solace and I found her. I found her in my sugary team and 'abc' biscuits. I found her in my oatmeal and turn brown. 
The pride in my father's chest became shame, my mother shredded tears of bitterness, my siblings chatted out of pity, friends, enemies and well wishers mocked men. Solace kept me company, after all it wasn't my fault that I had an ugly face. I was just a bad result of my parents combination. Solace took me to greater heights, I found heroes in my cakes, biscuits, chips and 'minerals'. She never rejected me and I her. I needed no one else as she gave me all I needed. No one noticed to them o was just another 'ugly fat girl with no brains.' To my family a huge mistake. Maybe the one above was tired of hearing my cry. So as I formed a deeper bond with solace, so did my cloth size and frustration. I soon realized I was just part of the countless girls out there. I was just a big girl with a big dream.
Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
  • Short story

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