12th July, 2015 Writers

I hate no one
I like everyone
I love the special one
My gal who I won

I wear a smile 
To everyone
Every of my life mile
Therefore  I deny  none

I choose to be happy
Just like a puppy
That's mum's blessings
To start the day with smiles

She's privileged
Am advantaged
To have her around
My love to her I  surround.

In everyday 
My smile will never decay
I will never delay
To fascinate u all day.

I love you sweetheart
I breathe yours love
I have peace of a dove
Forever be in my HEART.

You put a beautiful
Smile on my face
I will forever be faithful
You're the top and base

Forever lets walk
Together let's talk
I love you honey
You're sweeter than honey.

(Poems by Bryan Mulei)
Nairobi, Kenya
  • Smile you joy. Smile your problems. Smile to those who add a smile to you. Just smile. I Said SMILE.

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