Rough Rider
13th July, 2015 Writers

I collapsed the second time on that hospital bed……….

I was in cloud nine; I’ve passed Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the rest of them, few miles away from heaven. Ecstasy was the aircraft I was in, and my John Thomas, was piloting this high speed aircraft. “Please slow down.” I was yelling at the huge weapon between my legs to stop, while it was frenziedly driving me to my death. I was wrong, I was talking to not only a deaf being, but also uneducated being that has no regard for his victim until he finally plunges the person into doom.

Gbozaaaaa! That thunderous sound was the only thing I heard, and then I lost consciousness immediately. Though that hit on my head saved me from that kamikaze flight, but then it transferred me into a locomotive train slowly driving me to my end. The only thing I could recall was that, I was hearing a thunderous voices like that stick that landed on my head. “You cheap lying bastard.” She bellyached. “I knew you’re cheating on me.” She continued crying. “My god has exposed you, I finally caught you.” My pilot John Thomas which was already stiff and hard like AK47 immediately went into hiding leaving my wife to pilot me in the remaining part of the journey.

Another thing I remembered was a ventriloquize sounding in me, and I started remembering more things, more like a phantasmagoria. This time, I was in an air-conditioned Range Rover train, with Becky as my pilot, cruising and gallivanting round the town. Becky a sweet sexy woman I hooked up on Facebook with for like two months now, exchanging explicitly sexual words and materials on the chat. She will chat me up while I was at the office, making me look stupid after I must have wet my boxers, then running to the rest room to offload. We continued the cruising at home, while I ignored my wife in her room, making out with a total stranger on Facebook. The mystery remains her face which I haven’t seen, but every of her heart I have seen in words. I didn’t know how I got into this, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. Becky was entirely different from every other women I’ve dated on Facebook, different too because I haven’t seen her laps. Just two months, she has created in me a ravenous appetite to want to shag her, now my wife has shattered my head, because of her.

I regained consciousness in the hospital with that ominous figure beside me looking at my half dead with disdain. On opening my eyes the picture of my wife terrified me, I shouted: “Becky please I’m sorry.” “John, you are so heartless.” She sobs, snorting as she laments. “I gave you my heart, what did I get in return, betrayal.” To entreat her was the next thing I thought, but my head was as heavy as a vehicle, in fact my head turned into Lagos – Ibadan expressway with lots of heavy-duty trucks plying it at a very high speed. The stitches were the cause, I couldn’t talk anymore, and pains have also found out my unfaithfulness and have arrested me. My wife continued: “So you bought a new piece of land, John? You even bought another house in VGC too?” “Oh my god, I’m finished.” My heart echoed. It dawned on me that, I was in trouble. When I say trouble, I mean real big trouble; and I’m going to pay dearly for this, no way out. My heart began running faster like Japanese Maglev high speed train with a speed of 603kmph, traversing the cities of Tokyo and Nagoya. The only person I told about the new house and new piece of land was Becky. I stupidly divulged these secrets to her because I wanted to entice her with wealth. I remembered there was a day Becky mistakenly called me by my sobriquet, JT (John Tochukwu) while we were chatting. Again it was only my wife that called me by that name because she coined the abbreviation herself. I stuttered as I forced these few words out. “You mean you impersonated Becky?”

I collapsed the second time on the couch.

Anambra, Nigeria
  • A ride to his death. A captivating flash fiction, it's unputdownable.

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