God's power
14th July, 2015 Writers
God's power.

It started like a flu
I remember I was in blue
The doctor said it was untrue
But no one had a clue
The ilness put a glue
So this cant be untrue

My son sighed
As I keenly eyed
On the life support
Is there a remote
For my life to control
I still had to play a role

My wife bitterly wept
In my heart the pain I kept
The doctor had just left
All I needed was God
His love could do me good.

She said a prayer
As tears rolled down her
I saw the true love power
She held my hand tight
God's light was now bright.

The alarms rung
On my Lord I clung
God, never let down
Alone I'll drown
Owls hooted badly in town

The doctor arrived soon
I remember it was noon
Amazingly he cleared me
He wouldn't tear me
Ooh, we'll not operate you.

Our son fell on my chest
My wife the more she wept
Daddy we love you
God will never forsake  you
God, I have you in my heart.

Our Christ lord is power
He will let not you down.
He'll lift you from lower
He'll take you higher 
God, I have you in my heart.

(Poems by Bryan Mulei)
Nairobi, Kenya
  • God will help you. God will never disappoint you.

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