magic calabash
15th July, 2015 Writers
      Magic calabash

I woke up 
In the middle of the night
I walked in the garden
And when I looked up
I so a shooting star
There was light all over
Wow! This is beautiful

Abruptly, I heard a voice
From the magic calabash
It was dazzling handsomely
My heart hit rhythmically
My lips failed to open
I had found the calabash
This was so amazing.

I down knelt
The natural prize to pick
Beautiful warmth I felt
I wanted to pick and not kick
I wanna preserve this magic
It was father's blessings
This was so amazing.

As I stretched
My hands and touched
The hairs of the calabash
It stopped crying 
And it did burst open
There lay our first born
A bouncing baby boy!

My heart grinned
As she me hugged
Our child Einstein
In the bed he was lying
I have kept these memories
I'll love you my wife always.

        (Poems by Bryan Mulei) 

Nairobi, Kenya
  • Love your gal. Love your wife. It's q great magic in life

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