A letter to my girlfriend
15th July, 2015 Writers
I apologize for ones again am not in love

And this pen would no longer take trips on love letters

Its actually the last shout out to you and my past

But ain't goodbye

Even as I watched you leaving

I'll live my life like the leaf you trampled upon while walking out

Though my heart had just one door which got sealed after your arrival

And made a home to stay forever

You soon wanted a way out so you

Picked up daggers and hammers as you

Broke your way out of my heart and life

But don't forget I had you backed up

My brains my memories my sweet dreams my nightmares.

Once a young boy walked up to me saying

I wanna be like you when I grow up

But hey son I rebuke the part I speak of

From my hidden truth

Of a life like diaper taking and keeping shit all day long

Of a life like the pen writing this poem 

Waiting to be abandoned when the poem is done

Its new home becomes the trash can when its ink exhausts

A life of my every night filled with nightmares as I

Struggles to survive till sunrise

Seeing pain as joy war as peace badluck in goodluck

Which won't end no matter how I and you try to put a stop to it

No matter the hurts aches betrayals and heartbreaks

For you deserve to be loved

So pure as spring true as you divine as sunshine

Without regrets pain or numbers not like I 

On the thirteenth Sucre and still counting

Sucre after four years forced on me a reason to love again

With eyes like diamond one word like thousands

Taking my breath away like under the water but still breathing

I called her sucre when her kiss tasted like 

What I'll always order for breakfast

Knowing well she'll do me no wrong if she 

Offers them for dinner then i'll be on and coming all night long

She loves she cares yes she cares

And cared less when her love went less

Turning her love into a recipe in which she

Baked of two cakes and

Tried to make big bites of those which she

Found so hard to swallow

For her, time was created from time I never owned see

This time was rubbed off me like a thief in the night at jasper

Leaving me timeless in silence as

Madness became of me when she

Cut my life wires with her

Lies like pliers now the

Light in me are turned down

Darkness erupts again seeing

Noting just you

Seeing my four years of repair as it

Took you just four weeks to ruin

I don chuck chuck myself with needles trying to

Stitch the damages but created more so I

Guess i'll leave my heart broken cos

After you there'll be no one and no reason to love

It just won't make sense breaking a broken heart

But there could always be a reason to write to


Letters of words that heals past pains

Creates joy for our today and

Build castles in our sky tomorrow

As I start every letter with

Dear Sucre

Then words would swim into your heart till

I forgive all your wrongs and the pains you have

caused cos I

Still want you still need you still think of you

Still in love with you forever in love with y

As these words of mine heal our wounded love

Your dearest

E. S. Effa

Abuja, Nigeria
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