15th July, 2015 Writers
Sitting in my room 
Thinking about nature 
The stars,the moon 
And other features 
‎How I ended up 
writing this piece 
It was certainly not nature 
I cast my mind back
Like a fishing hook‎
And hope to bare my mind 
Thoroughly like a book
They say love is nature 
They say nature is beautiful
Time had his fair share 
And was dutiful 
Attempted ‎baby steps 
To try make him a man 
I mean who would wanna‎
Be useless ‎like an old can
Even though he had a garden
He found out life was far
From a bed of roses
He lost his limbs 
And realised life has
Taken different poses 
He wished for a way 
Where there's none ‎
Like moses......‎
Unperturbed he forged ahead ‎
Hoping nature would be fair one ‎day 
Eventually,luck smiled on him
Like a proud father 
He found happiness 
He found love.......
He found contentment 
But then he found death.....‎
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Nature is what happens while we are busy making other plans

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