Evil for evil
15th July, 2015 Writers
Evil for evil

After we just finished dining, Tokh kept calling and this really burned my heart. My head was boiling as the memories of the 20 year-old incidence reappeared mockingly in my mind. There's no way I could have told my wife that I did it. No way. Never.

Twenty years back when the three of us were in high school, Tokh, Manu and I  were walking towards the canteen when Mr muema called us. Yes, we were known to be the most notorious students by default. We left mischief everywhere and the trio was the most populous in the school. The teacher punished us as both of us had our shirts untucked. What followed was a continuous punishment which took us only two weeks to accomplish. We never liked being in class anyway.

    Although all of us were hurt so much and nursed wounds in our stomachs, Tokh couldn't withstand it and a REVENGE MISSION was planned. Yes, forward ever backwards never. I vividly recall time I washed the dormitory with  petrol as Tokh set the three hundred students on fire. Each of us had a role to play and it amazingly worked out so well. I ran in my own direction and so did my accomplices. Later we joined the school in moaning the burned crickets who were buried after a week.
My uncle was a mayor and he couldn't allow the allegations laid on me to be continued. He stopped the investigations and we were let free.
     Tokh was calling to inform me that he had been diagnosed with leukemia and any time he'd die. He was in the hospital fighting for his life while Manu`s burial was just the previous day. I knew something bad was to happen or it had already happened to me. How could have let loose the information? I had disappointed her for life. Guilty conscience roasted me slowly. And for real, the following morning I was diagnosed with cancer.
Nothing goes unpunished. 

(Imaginative essay by Bryan)
Nairobi, Kenya
  • Nothing will go unpunished

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