Bloody knife
16th July, 2015 Writers
       The knife

Staring at a ceiling
His eyes seeing
The emptiness
Of his entire life
It was the knife
Some say it was craziness
Days weathered fast
And no doubt he was dust

Earlier on
In his teenage age
He found a rose
Who he adored
But later it him bored
It badly cheated
So he was hurt
And uncaged it
From his hut
And in his heart
He made a deal
Which broke the zeal

He bought a dagger
He aimed at it
He didn't stagger
It realized and tried
To run but it was too late
It's life had dried
And here was the fate
It had to suffer 
During that summer

He closed his eyes
Stabbed it severally
It fell down badly
He had murdered
Out of desperation
He now suffered
Cheating was separation
He had ruined his life
With just a knife

The following morning
The village was moaning
The uniformed searched
He had away fled
But he was H.I.V positive
He for long could not live
And not later than a week
He was to die weak
He had lost in life
Never had the joy of a wife
Days withered fast
And no doubt he was dust.

(Poems by Bryan Mulei)

Nairobi, Kenya
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