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    If you’re wondering GMB won the Presidential election

    But many do not have your type of patience; they’re complaining already.

    So I met this girl, and she’s really cool with a smile that could make

    a dull day brighter; something you also did with ease!           


     I still support Man united, and on the day I heard the news of your demise;

     I thought running to the viewing centre to see us play against Arsenal would have

     been my safe haven; they defeated us anyway, and now I dislike Arsenal more!


      Now I see you standing in the rain so no one could see you cry

      Now I see you hiding in a dark alley for you want to remain anonymous

      But I see you; I see you clearly for who you really are and I agree

      Because angels do not live amongst men and that’s why I hate you.

                                                    Adieu, Peju.

                                                                                               -   R.LAWAL   (TFW)

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Lagos, Nigeria
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