Mother - mini-god
21st September, 2015 Writers
On the ground of my heart
Before I kissed the world; unknown
And sprung-out of her womb
Womb that homed me for months.

A seed of love has been planted;
In the abyss of my heart
A seed that was watered,
Day-after-day by her.

The first time I saw her;
The hand that watered my heart,
Was the first I live life.

Though on her face; it was boldly written:
Still, I was wrapped in her arms
Beating with her heart-beats

I saw her broaden smiles
Smiles that erased my whole fears 
I felt loved; just by looking into her eyes
Eyes that reminds me of where I was before....

After learning to call her Mama
I learned to call her god
Lagos, Nigeria
  • It's all about that special person, that rode you out of inexistence. Enjoy...

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