Dear sweetheart
19th July, 2015 Writers
Dear sweetheart

To my beloved lover
I'm writing to you dear
For u are my special one
Your beautiful voice
Is what I want to hear
You my beloved one
Who my heart lubricates
So it doesn't apart tear
You my special one
Who takes my moods higher

When you're down 
Honey call me
When you're hurt 
Honey cool down
When am boring
Honey let's just laugh

You make me feel loved
I love you with all my heart
Though sometimes honey
I make you feel hurt
I quarrel over nothing honey
It's not that I want
But it only happens
Always my sweetheart
Never worry if it happens
Coz my heart loves you

The distance is so long
And to you I belong
I sometimes get sick
So my body gets weak
And I text wen am down
Misunderstandings come
You may think I wronged
But the deeper in love I was
The more my heart yearns
The more feelings I have
I love you sweetheart

My other part is separated
Coz ur far far far far way
Memories of how we dated
Take me back to homabay
Where we had our first date
Yes love you so much remcy
You're my one and only 
And I'm bored by distance
Coz ur so far away
All the time I feel lonely
I hate this so much
I just wanna ur body touch
I love you my sweetheart.

As I shed souring tears 
And as they down my cheeks
Please tell me you feel loved
Please show I love you
Please call me and tell it all
Please text and say it all
Please tell me wat you feel
Please never feel hurt
Please never get too hungry
Please show that I love you

I'll always love you
I'll always be with you
I'll always want to be with u
I'll always care for you
I'll always never like hurting
I'll always hide you in me
I'll always surprise you
I'll always feel your warmth.

(As at Bryan mulei  poems).
Nairobi, Kenya
  • I love you, though I may at times hurt you. There will always be misunderstandings but I love you so much. Please show I love you. Never get hurt

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