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To my cousin... David Abraham!
Hey cousin...
Your service of song was exactly 85 minutes..
And your burial is schedule for 8 a.m tomorrow at ayobo cemetery.
We were adviced by the man of God to be there early because of traffic
Beat that Dee, Lagos traffic still affecting the dead.,lol.
But who is dead by the way??
David, you are dead?
How come?
That was not the plan.
We were suppose to grow up and help our parents not for you to die @ 24.
Now mom c has to see you get six feet under!
Your service of song was the most boring I have attended,too few people,
And such strange faces, your burial will be worse.
People will hardly be there, I mean you are 24, who dies at 24?
So do all of us a favour and make sure that burial don't hold
Wake up!
We'd be surprise and some people will run away but I won't because the thought that you are dead is even more scary!
So here is my plan....
You'd come home tonight when the mourners are all gone, 
I'd keep your room open so you can sneak in like you went for some late night party or something.
You don't have to wake mom c up, we might get I.k to the plan but that's all.
And tomorrow at your supposed burial 
There isn't you!
We'd come home having search for you to no avail.
We'd come home.
And you'd be in the living room watching the movies I found in your bag that Sunday you supposedly died!
Alot of people will be shocked, pour water and sand on you, you know all that stuff you see in Nigeria movies, but eerrrrr what difference would it make?
 You are back for good and all this was just a good scare!
So see you later tonight Dee! Feel free to call I.k we are in this together!
P.s Dee when you are back we'd go see Jurassic park, since you are into such movies, let's hope it isn't exaggerated!

  • To my cousin David Abraham!

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