Poem 'my song'
18th April, 2015 Writers
My Song
I am in my father's house
I lie comfortably in my house.
Surrounded and led to everything I need,
I am continuously deeply refreshed, without plead.
I am in my father's custody; A righteous King.
The evening shadow comes, dark and consuming, surrounding me...
...I am NOT afraid.
I am in my father's house,
Solidly guarded, loved constantly,
I breathe.... I WILL NOT be afraid.
Surrounded still by the dark and consuming,
My table is beautifully endowed, overflowing.
From head to toe, I fully adorn me with my father's awesomeness,
His majesty and Lordship, His dynasty and Kingship.
I am radiantly glowing; I am filled.
Patiently trusting...hoping, I believe in my father,
I believe in his words,
Yesterday, today, always, they are my swords.
My father's house I shall dwell in forever
My song I will sing forever.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Adapted from psalm 23

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