24th July, 2015 Writers
Surprise dream

The weather was cold
And it was raining
As I journeyed
To the forest
And after a few yards
I hard a voice
It was so strange
To hear any noise
So I glared and glared
To have a glimpse 
Of what it was

After a short while
The voice dwindled
I had walked for a mile
What had happened?
Then the voice resurrected
I saw some light
Soon she approached
From my back
And gave me a surprise
As she kissed me
I also kissed her

I saw the love of my life
And it was so amazing
I opened my mouth and said
I love you honey
She also opened hers & said
I love you too
Let's wake up, it's late
I woke up from my dreams
And when we met at night
She had a surprise for me
My dream came true.

     (Poems by Bryan Mulei)
Nairobi, Kenya
  • No body hates surprises. I love being surprised. You?

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