26th July, 2015 Writers
My nam is...
My name is Yungblackie 
I tink I hav wot to write 
I hav a papa, but im no fight so dem spirit kill im
Dem say dey white 
Mama try fo me
All I hear is yor mama gon com back but I no she gone
All I hear is bring dat Yungblackie ovahere
Fuck dat Yungblackie and u no who?
Is me, I am Yungblackie I no bcos dey tell me is me
Anytin rong in blackies?
Bcos white don't like. Sorry white hate blackies 
I tink I hav wot to write 
Armstrong teach me english, e beat  me, e fuck me and take my baybay away
Mama telled me.. Yes u are Blackie, strong but dat just color 
Your name is odina somadina
Armstrong call me monkey why?
But monkey no fine. Mama say odina is bitiful butiful.           Beautiful
I tink I hav wot to write 
I miss papa
Dey tell me u miss papa? Dem put in head alone with me for me to see my papa face everyday :( 
I fear fo night but am strong bcos I no papa watching 
I tink I hav wot to write 
I wanna go from here 
I wanna go meet blackies so dey call me odina
I wanna go to meet blackies my family 
I wanna go home afrika
I wanna go black and never go back 
I tink I hav wot to write 
I tink I hav no more...

Lagos, Nigeria
  • There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you . PN: Yungblackie is not fully educated so you understand why some incorrect words were used #racismmuststop #blacklivesmatter #saynotoslavery #africanwomaniseverything #ripsandrabland

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