The Irony
26th July, 2015 Writers

It’s ironic how my dreams keep me awake
Thinking tomorrow’s thoughts till tomorrow is today
I’m expectant
But I’m more afraid
Scared of the way the future is gonna play out
A part of me is always looking for a way out
A part of me wants to stay and fight
But every part of me is scared of defeat
Scared of not being successful
And everyday that’s enough reason to get up on my feet

It’s ironic but no matter how hard I looked I still couldn’t see
See beyond the stereotypical images the world had painted for me
Black and white, rich and poor
Skinny, fat,
Smart , uneducated
Genius, retarded
When what really is, is who’s alive and who’s dead
An end to live
But could you die if you’ve never really been alive
Cause when I look
I mean really look
Look so deeply till I begun to see
See the emptiness
And the fact that most of the populace are really just corpses with the ability to breath

It’s ironic, but we live In cages with the doors flung open
Held back by chains which have already been broken
So what then is holding us back
Stopping us from dreaming big like we used to when we were little kids
Yeah, remember when you wanted to be an astronaut
You wanted to find the cure to aids and cancer
You wanted you to invent a car that flies
What went wrong
Did society say your dreams are unrealistic
Or did you just give up on yourself cause you thought your dreams are too high and you can’t reach it
Limitations, barriers, hurdles, boundaries, stereotypes, social influences,challenges,
Call it whatever you may
But this are the real killers
Worse than guns and diseases
Why ?
Because they kill you and you don’t even realize you’re dead

It’s ironic how these issue will just be passed of as irony
We’ll probably laugh it off and get back to the way we live
Or should I say the way we die
Or more precisely the way we died
Time’s ticking but it’s not too late to come alive
Lagos, Nigeria
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