26th July, 2015 Writers
I used to care, but my caring glands are sore
The things that used to hurt me just don't hurt me anymore
No movement in my chest, my heart's been replaced by a prosthetic
Cos' I Feel nothing like I've been hit with a dose of anaesthetic
Numb without a cause, stoic for no reason
Love's been shot to death and cupid's locked in prison
The line between fake and real is so thin, its blurry
Real lies, fake smiles and the pretence to be sorry
So, I'm taking the high road, giving up on giving a crap,
Emotions are like bait and caring's like a trap
Call me crazy till you try this and realise its just great
Like hitting the gym and getting fit without lifting any weights
You might think I'm sad, heartbroken or plain heartless
Well I'm just a person trying to figure out how we can hurt less
Being vulnerable, sometimes does nothing but the opposite of heal
Revealing scars that we've tried so hard to conceal
Not to mention being used or taken for granted
Or realising when its too late that you weren't even wanted
Shit happens, I guess that's just the way it is
But letting everything go might just give you peace
Its not over though, I believe life has good things in store
But for now, its just a vacancy, love don't live here anymore
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