two pots
27th July, 2015 Writers
Two pots
In the early 19th century in the city of Chicago, there live and old woman who had two pots. Though the pots were identical in appearance and their capacity, one had a crack. This made water to leak every time she fetched water, it could only hold half it's capacity while the other one remained full.
  Once she realized this, she planted flowers  on one side on the road from the so that as the water leaked from the pot, it'd water them. Eventually, the flowers flourished so well and the cracked pot served two purposes in life. The perfect pot served only one purpose.

It happens also in life, you may have a crack somewhere. And for real, every one has a cracking point. This should not limit you to reaching your goal. Everyone has a weakness, but this shouldn't make you think they're are imperfect or less important. If you do not downgrade anyone and rather yourself too, you'll serve more than you're capable of. May God help you work on your cracks to realize the most extreme goal in life that probably has never crossed your mind.
Nairobi, Kenya
  • Weakness is not appearance

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