The Unveiling
29th July, 2015 Artists

An expression of goodwill most exalted. I thought it befitting to breath to life what has only been fathomed by the mind. A token of my faith, I dare to reveal that this masterpiece was prepared before the elections, Presidential and Gubernatorial alike. Indeed, I surrender my appraisal, as is evident in this theme. It is my hope that it inspires, orchestrating your sight to see what is- Perfection.

This is a 3-Dimentional Hyperrealism Pencil Artwork, glistening with sweat from intense labour and teamwork.... I call this, “THE UNVEILING”.

A Congratulant by Kenart Creation.


watch the video here:

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Artwork of His Excellency, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode

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