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29th July, 2015 Writers


Your body is a blessing where it folds 
Where it sags 
where it curves... all the scars 
Your body is a blessing where it wrinkles... 
Oil secreting from pores 
Your body is a country 
Your body is a blessing where it stretches... 
Those lines are sacred 
Your body is a map of all your memories 
Some sweet, some sad
Your body is a story teller 
Aged in methods and narrative techniques 
Your body cannot wait for you 
You delay 
...You see scar,
    your body knows only of victory 
...You see stretch Marks, 
    your body knows only of zebra crossings 
...You see wrinkles 
    Some people never lived that long enough to age. 
Appreciate the live you have. 
Your spirit lives in a house of Stories. 


Cover poem for Malawian poet and photographer Upile
Lagos, Nigeria
  • A cover poem for Original by Malawian poet Upile

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