Jungle of Indulgence
18th April, 2015 Writers

Everyone is dealt with a wish

A glory we all see one day

A shame that dices our existence

The wish is a passing vessel

They only want to leave their legacy

But never want to be an icon

we see them glow as they mourn

The funeral of many fates

The home of so many creation

We all bleed the same way

But our talents separates us

To be the individual we wished for

A jungle of indulgence that's what I call it

Many have their own separate stories untold

That align them to their own path

The spheres of unconditional circumstances

We tend to see only the physical story

Not regarding what prompted the vessel

Such becomes the case when you and I

Becomes the motive that alters the story.


Lagos, Nigeria
  • Its just about how we struggle to survive

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