The Biggest Manipulative tool I know
1st August, 2015 Writers
The Biggest Manipulative Tool I know.

All humans have the potentials of accessing wisdom – Wisdom has become something of great potential, it is seen as the endpoint to being wise. Do you know that despite the facts that all humans have the ability to access wisdom, only a few can actually tap into the realm of Wisdom - Under the context of manipulative tools – we can all agree and say wisdom is actually a tool used for manipulation. But within the contextual understanding that I have gained over the years. I have come to believe and would continue to believe that RELIGION is the biggest manipulative tool ever to exist in the last 30 years or above and it always continue to hide under the shadows of wisdom. The usage of religion as a manipulative tool is a process which actually links and rely on wisdom and the knowledge gained by the people using it.  Now, I want to create an awareness under this topic. In this Write-Up, I would like to create an awareness of the usage of religion as a tool used for manipulation, mind you I am not criticizing any religion of such.  As we all understand the meaning of the word manipulation – I want us to Look around us and see what religion has done – oh sorry, what religion is doing to us all, what it has caused our society as a whole. Looking at the Nigerian Society one can easily notice the influence of religion as a manipulative tool. It has created a stance of differentiation between us – We point at each other (and we all do OJU AYE to each other). I have explained my view to different people in the past years, that the biggest problem facing the Nigeria society today is the people using religion as a manipulative tool. In Nigeria, Religion has become something of a competition whereby, both religion tends to create an ideology to overshadow our minds and both have started to use a conceptual tool of influence over the years. On one part the usage of basic Islamic schools (that build up a strong orientation right from young age), while the other is using the creation of churches in almost everywhere you can go (This is to create an awareness about the proposed end time) – All the usage of this are just to create an idea about who is inferior to the other. We all know this yet we never wanted change. I introduce this discussion on the clue of wisdom, and wisdom is the accessing tool of religion because we all human being are fragile and we always listen. I have several argument about religion and I will always continue to support my part. More to Come!!!  

Kwara, Nigeria
  • Its just a major concern about the society - Read and enjoy.

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