The Yoruba Woman
16th August, 2015 Writers
The Yoruba Woman.


…. At first I wasn’t sure of where to start this write up, because strategically - discussing women is a very delicate issue and now, we want to talk about a more delicate one which is “the Yoruba Woman”. To further clarify my stands, I would like to start by letting you understand the genuine quality of a woman. 

Being a woman is a gift from God and if we are to go biblical, we would say they are formed from the rib of a man. This certify that being a woman is just a UNIQUE. Now, basically a woman is called a woman because of her Personality, her Physical and Psychological Qualities. But, do you think all these are the only requirement to being a woman? Simply No… A woman is an epitome of LOVE, she is built to slot into any society, which mean she is socially constructed. Remember she also serves as a channel for an increased society, having deep spirit to nurture, console and to be consoled when necessary. Accordingly, she is the most required helpmate and also the controller of the institution called HOME. She is the Neck of the Home, She is a Manager, Builder, Adviser and Caretaker of all. Believe me, she is naturally endowed with Integrity and she is the charity which begins at home. 

A woman is called a woman after she begin to act accordingly to her responsibility which notify that big difference between the word women – we have “A Wife and also A Mother”. To wrap it up, a woman is a woman, she has her sentiments and short – comings - yet, she is the best. Now Let us talk about the Yoruba woman, I love my Yoruba women they are simply the best, they are smart, intelligent, and they are not slack, they are sound educationally (They Like to learn), they also have a zeal to improve in several areas placed before them. The beauty of been a Yoruba woman is attributed to the essentiality of self-respect, the dress sense, hair making and the existing awareness of the culture of belonging – they are also party freaks and hardworking, their communication level is always superb and they aren’t scared to speak up their minds. As a Yoruba woman while growing up, loyalty is being introduced and its part of the said home training that was illustrated as the basic way of training up kids, some wouldn’t agree more to the fact that the best trainer of children are the Yoruba women – they groom kids up based on the cultural ideas and In fact, morals are placed right in front of kids to absorb. I know my Yoruba friends would understand this. With this little fact it would allow you to understand that when it comes to religion wise they are just the best at it – because they get this morals and other ways of life from their respective religion/Culture. Well!!! As the good fact may point towards many Yoruba woman – the level of uncertainties are still in existent.  Many of the Yoruba woman fail to keep tap of what is going on in their environment, dirtiness is a common attribute of most, while the issue of gossiping is a rampant feature of many Yoruba woman. Some not all have the issue of hot temper and they can be quarrelsome. They also possess the spirit of dependency which also initiate the argument of maltreatment existing from “Some” of their homes but do you know they have woken up to actually stamp the authority of independency among themselves. 

Above all, the End talk of everything is that a typical Yoruba woman never lack RESPECT. Yes, this respective attitude does not mean a Yoruba woman should be taken as a fool…  Remember they can be quarrelsome when disrespected.

Kwara, Nigeria
  • Our women are delicate and loving, in fact the are caring. Lets see how the yoruba women are best at all criterias you might know.

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