The Boy In Green Stockings- Part 1
28th August, 2015 Writers

7 A.M
A ray of sunshine rested on my face.
Soft pillows, I gave a warm embrace,
Wondering what heaven wrote today of my fate,
Rushing to the bathroom I changed,
Pjays gone, shirt well fitted to my taste,
Hair neatly combed and well polished shoes,
I grab my phone, shades and my briefcase.

9 A.M
As my boss delivers his lecture at the meeting, I soon drift into a world of my own in thought. I scrolled down the sects of my life…work, family, business, education, fun, future, food, relationship, fashion, friends, money and finally, I chose food.

I started to imagine what I would have for brunch and I could not wait for the meeting to be done with. Then it dawned on me that I hadn’t taken enough money with me to eat the kind of brunch I wanted at the Indian resturant about three blocks away from the office.
And I hate settling!!! I now had to go to one Mama kemi bukahtierre as I did not feel like eating my usual croissants and juice.
I have issues with the girls at mama kemi, they are awfully rude especially when it comes to giving me my change. I also have issues with mama kemi’s shop. It’s very small and accomodates about 10 people sitting in tightly and you’re lucky if you get to sit by the fan, but her fried meat is cooked  very soft and juicy and her bukah stew, always tasty and on point…

“Franklin!!!” Called out my boss.
I was in total shock!

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