4th August, 2015 Writers

He wakes up
Though he still need to nap
But he has to tap
His fate not with a cup
He's nowhere in the map

Destiny defined by papers
Fate determined by luck
It's the world of Africa
Where brains mean papers
And papers mean brain
No one succeeds 
If there`re no papers
Do papers mean brain?

He prays and tries
Though he has no papers
They require his cv
But he doesn't have one
In exams he has never won
Although he knows all

His heart never dies
His dream never dries
His enthusiasm arises
And he starts a business
With all seriousness
He gets many customers
His dream ever rises

Years of great profits
Years of huge benefits
He lands in green pastures
He gets millions and billions
He employs thousands
His dream true comes
What matters aint the papers.

   (Poems by Bryan Mulei). 


Nairobi, Kenya
  • Do not be deterred by papers. Certificates do not mean capacity. Papers do not mean brains. Do what you wanna do to succeed.

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