Xenophobic Attacks
26th April, 2015 Writers

It's just sad how people can turn on those who have supported them through their struggle, those who have felt the same oppression they have felt.

It is sad and shameful to see people act so inhuman! What they have forgotten is that during the days of Apartheid, African nations opened their borders to those involved in the struggle for freedom. But now they victimize their fellow Africans and make them the scapegoats for the rage they feel from economic exclusion!

What has the world come to when you can take an innocent soul and break it, watch as someone's flesh burn and rejoice in their screams. We pray for all Africans in South Africa suffering and being tortured.

They may break our body but they will never break our spirit!!! We stand United against Xenophobia!

#Notoxenophobia #StopXenophobia #xenophobia #weareafrica #54artistry


Lagos, Nigeria
  • Attacks by Africans on Africans; Heart Breaking!

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