Lament of an Angered Man
4th August, 2015 Writers
I am stumped by the ridiculousness of life
I am angered by the meaness of human beings;
Who troll others seeking to hurt them.
Hate is etched in their skin
Like a chronic disease, 
Spreading, determined to kill.
It has twisted their hearts with it's vile,
All humanity is lost.

They think they do not kill,
Because after all they did not strike a physical blow;
What truthful lie.
Murderers!!! A bunch of ruthless murderers, 
They have killed the innocent with their words, 
They have shattered their lives and rendered them unrepairable.
They have left bodies without souls,
Empty shell moving around with no purpose.
Am I not right then?
Was their presumed innocence not the truthful lie.

Shame on all who tread this path,
Your end is far and damning.
I pity you not,
 for my pity lies with the vessels, 
who bear the brunt of your malice
Those weak and fragile innocents,
Whose tears have forged a home for the creatures of the sea,
My pity goes also to the strong,
Their strength is the envy of the wicked,
Who prod, spear and thrust looking for chink in the armour. 

I thank  God,
I thank my mother,
I thank my siblings,
I thank my friends,
For without them,
I would have been in the convention of these hyenas
Whose perfidy and thirst for pain
Is as sad as a death by drowning which in the depths of their hearts they feel even no sympathy for.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • The evils in this world are lot and the need to hurt people seems to have been increased by the social media which hides the faces of the perpetrators in their perpetration as they grow in their wickedness

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