Uncertain Certainty
5th August, 2015 Writers
Miracles have become brides
of horizons,
for beliefs, seeks not dreams
but reality and its thrills....
Repelled thought wins over
rebelled emotion.
and what is left is this emtiness
with less concious regrets.
Everyday like a locked up 
prison in the head,
Every breath forges a whip towards
burnt dreams felt,
and the ashes repressed to feel the
emtiness of never an existence......
A stare in the mirror,
this image! familiarity detest.

For blind questions,
searches for borrowed answers,
our greatest demons romances our greatest
Lost! is the word sought,
For failure! to confront this image, familiarity detest....
seeking to be saved off this broken and thorn

Yet we fail to realize,
the world has failed to care,
for its an apparent cross of
broken pieces..................
whose to carry!
but certainly not to share,
but to create something of what is left.
Abuja, Nigeria
  • We all are trying hard to avoid the problem with strong hopes of sleeping about it.

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