Let me Out
5th August, 2015 Writers

In this place of secrecy,

I have no judge.
I have been conceived to a place,
where laws are locked into decisions.
I am suffering and i have suffered,
out of pity,
out of love for you.

The crime was to seek your embrace,
The crime was to feel your warmth,
Holding me within you…………..
Assuring me i had develop far from just
being an embryo.
But your hands……. Trembled! each time u touched me.
I felt it tickle,
My innocence couldn’t imagine you troubled.

I remembered the long conversation,
i wasn’t ready, I was still 8 months away.
You snuck the life out of me,
I screamed your name!!!
I called out to you!!!!
But you closed your doors,
And woke up to another day....

And i remember you!!!
11 weeks in, i had taking form,
I remember staying up with you!
As you placed your hands
On me, i was there with you,
I was part of you,
I knew your fears, i was helpless,
But i assured you we would be ok.

I remember the cold kiss on your tummy,
It was familiar,
I guess it was dad.
I remember the arguments,
I cried when you cried,
I shared in your pains,
I was just a developing foetus,
7 months away from your arms,
But i loved you and understood your plights.

This can’t be you!!
You can’t be a murderer!!
You can’t partake in this...
I had become 16 weeks old...
I felt the tip of this sharp tip
cloaking me with poison,
For our sake i battled this,
I screamed, holding onto the walls
of your uterus, i wouldn’t let go,
I bleed the life out of me,
I choked within my vomits,
as i became stillborn.

You killed me!
It was painful,
Worse than what you call hell,
But it was far more painful
You didnt get to meet me.
It was far more painful you
Didnt consider you put me through pains.
We all have a choice,
I still say you can’t be a murderer.
I still love you.
I just hope u realise this.

Abuja, Nigeria
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