Diary of a city girl
5th August, 2015 Writers
When Hilary came back to Nigeria from Miami, she honestly wasn't ready to look for any male companion. Coming from a failed marriage and a 5yr old,really? she wasn't in the mood, she still had her parents to worry about. Even though they were wealthy they were the typical Yoruba family where the man and his family must come for proper introduction and all that. At 28, she still wonders what led her to early marriage.

Anyway, here I am in my father's old golf1 (alupupu) as i and my siblings call it because it's super old and no one seems to understand why the man still has it, he says I should be lucky he sent saka (the driver) to pick me only because he pities the innocent boy if not I would have found my way home. Did i add the car had no AC neither  could the glasses at the backseat roll down...
    After what seemed like forever we get home, sweating like crazy with only saka happy about my return he helps with the bags while I carry Brandon and i know it's  because of chocolate he drops them in the living room and leaves. I was expecting at least my mom to be hyper about my return but she just said "you'll be using the guest room  downstairs while your son will use your former room" they know how much I hate being downstairs am guessing its all part of the punishment and just like that  like a robot she leaves too wo am even too tired for this stage play. I settle in with Brandon,we eat at least they sha allowed" JO" cook for me,  After playing a little he sleeps again, leaving me to retire to my thoughts alone. I was awakened by the noise of the gate, damn I hate staying downstairs raji has no chill he just screams  "TANI" from any angle of the compound when he hears the horn of a car,like the person outside can hear ODE!!!!. But by the quietness that followed I know dad is back..
  • A diary of a young woman facing challenges of finding MR RIGHT

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