Diary of a city girl
5th August, 2015 Writers
My dad enters the house loudly, clearly to make me uncomfortable little does he know that i am ready for the worst. I am already kneeling by his special seat when he entered, greeting him in Yoruba I say "ekabo sir", surprisingly he answered "how are you?, was the flight smooth?" "Fine, thank you sir, yes it was Ok". I did not know if I should remain in that position or get up, I think I'll go for the former because Dad can be dramatic. After giving me the Barrister Akinyanju signature look (a very disgusted look, the type I usually give Raji when he screams) he tells me to have a seat. Thank God!
  He asks of my son and I say he is asleep "well go and wake him up now abi won't he still sleep at night? , so I bring Brandon to dad and instantly they connect, he has never met him.
"What's your name big boy?" 
"Huh?" Turning to me, "is it because you gave yourself Hilary that you named him too this foreign name? Listen your name is SIJUWADE ONABISI AKINYANJU!!! Not "elariee"". In my mind I am like who bears Sijuwade? I still prefer Onabisi because I can pimp it to Ona or something not that name you'll be widening the whole mouth just to pronounce. Dad continues- "therefore as long as you are in this house oo you are Siju and my grandson's name is Omobowaleola," I simply nod. 
   Welcome home either ways, make yourself comfortable as the same rules apply forget that you are 30, 
"Dad I am 28." 
"Says who?" 
"Oh that's true, I am 30, I just remembered". I agree so that he lets me be. 
"Better, 28 and 30 what's the difference? no late nights, no MEN! Except he's the man you're getting married to plus all these piercings of yours i don't want to see them. "Wa", "is that a nose ring I see?", "Yes sir", I reply, 
"you look like slave which am positive you're not abi did they make you one in Miami?",
"No sir, good so take it OUT NOW!!!!". I do as am told fast before he changes his mind to something worse.
  Throughout mom is silent and i know she's thinking of how to tell the members of her women association (love sisters. For the record don't be deceived by that name, there is no love amongst those women they compete, gossip and throw lavish parties) that her daughter is back with a child and worse still-divorced.
  • Diary of a young woman looking for Mr right.

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