6th August, 2015 Architects

The current stage to which this project has reached, is that of the first zoned city hub, CITIESBURG. This is the PHASE ONE of the Nicole City Project.

Citesburg is one of two financial districts of The City of Nicole. It is however larger in scope and serves the entire city. As such is the financial nerve center of the city. Its strategic situation is that it is located on an island, next to another island which is the city's central park. This significant proximity, harmonizes work and leisure.

The basic scenario portrayed here is that, the business world is a fast paced environment and as such bankers, stock brokers, CEOs, managers, people of industry, advertisers, marketers or insurers who work in this environment seldom have time for leisure and relaxation, because they are always on the job whether at the office or at home.

It is a common norm to have these workers commute daily to the CBD which Citiesburg signifies. The CBD as the heart of a city typifies a conglomeration of upscale building developments for businesses and industry. And in our traditional cities, there tends to more concentration on buildings and less concern for open space/leisure.

In the Nicole City project, there is renaissance of some sort as there is detailed concern given to greenery, open spaces, and parks in strategic points in Citiesburg. There is even a whole island dedicated for park and leisure.

This is very important in that it ensures that, during work hours; workers can grab a quick reminisce with nature. This is healthy for work productivity as it eases a a lot of tension that comes with working in a fast paced environment such as the CBD.

Due to the encouragement of sprawling in the city design, there is another CBD on the west end of Nicole. Downtown in West Nicole is a lower degree CBD and concentrates commercial activities of the kind found on Citiesburg. As such it would serve the west end of the city such as;


While Citiesburg would while serving the whole city in commercial function, serve its proximal east end of the city such as;


As the project progresses in phases, more details on the different city hubs and their land uses would be known.

  • This project is a 2D/3D design city development for a futuristic city called Nicole. It is located at the extreme east of Lagos, in an area known as Ibeju Lekki. It covers a a total land area of 356sq km and portrays adequate use of water transport.

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