Markers and felt tip pens
6th August, 2015 Artists  

Here are some tips I would love to share when drawing 
  • Always try to set your tones and blends. I mean, when you're about to begin a drawing, try to analyze it. Differentiate the dark tones from the not-so-dark tones and the lightest tones
  • Remember, what makes your artwork so realistic is the way your drawing communicates with light. Some places are simply not meant to be shaded and vice versa
  • Concentration is key. Most times, I've got music in my ears so as not to get distracted by anything at all and keep me in that "creative mode" 
I hope these tips were eye opening! 
Thanks so much for the views! 
You are splendid! 
Victoria King 

Lagos, Nigeria
  • So, I thought I'd try something else, other than the usual charcoal. I used marker pens for this piece. You may not appreciate the work done unless you view the video here Enjoy

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