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Fast forward to the year 2062.
It was in history class, one of her best subjects.
The country's enormous chronicles and tales can make one want to deny his/her roots sometimes but then, our strength is in our diversity and struggles.

She was listening advertently, when the tutor made way to the events of the 2015 general elections. The first time an incumbent was dethroned. "Oh No! Not again" she silently said to herself, grinding her teeth. She bowed down her head to try and hide. She literally could feel the eyes of the whole class on her. She wished the ground would open and swallow her. "I hate this, I so hate this." She muttered. Her close friend who was sitting beside her clutched her palm. She felt just a little easy. She knew she was not alone.

Being a personified introvert, she did the direct opposite of what was expected.

She stood up and made way for the exit. The class thought she was heading out. But just as she passed by her tutor, she halted, made a 90 degree turn and faced her colleagues.
There was tension within the walls of the class, everyone's heart was racing almost as fast as Lewis Hamilton's speed in Formula One. Then she started;

"I was not born when it happened. I never met him. I heard the stories the same way you all did. He has lived his life, please let me live mine."

Time stood still while she was speaking.

"I am not my grandfather, I AM NOT HIM! I am Christina Orubebe."

She confidently walked back to her seat.



Rivers, Nigeria
  • Our actions and inactions of the past are the foundations of our future.

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