Thank you
6th August, 2015 Writers

Countless number of people have turned away from me

In the past, in the present and probably in the future

My heart sinks real deep when I remember the good times we had

Tragedy strikes when I ask myself if I’ve been that bad

Between my past and present, I can’t tell which is worse

The times we use to have flashes into my memory

You were the last person I expected to desert me

I thought you would right my past and better my present

But like an unskilled swimmer, you let my hopes drown

Whether to regret my past or detest my present, I know not

All I know is that I hate you with all my flesh and bones

I hate that you crept into my life like a slithering snake

I despise that I dedicated to you more than you did to me

I do not like that memories keep coming to my head

You have certainly successfully levelled up my past and present

I won’t let it get to me and I won’t get back at you

You simply reminded me how unreliable humans can be

I cannot deny how much into you you made me get

You just studied my weaknesses and used them against me

You have made me remember my past and worsened my present

For making it impossible for me to know where I stand,

For reminding me that I do not and will never matter,

For bringing back to memory all the pain I’ve felt,

For reminding me that I'm way too terrible,

For striking a balance between my past and my present, thank you!





  • A heartbroken girl translating her feelings into words.

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