6th August, 2015 Writers

Nigeria the nonesuch

Enmeshed though in flaws

You flourish like colossus

                                In my heart

People of cupidity inhabit you

In you dwells the inhuman

Of your surfeit of resources

                                I’ve been told

I know of your redundant intelligence

I’m aware of people of iniquity

With your artificial disasters comes grief

Stagnant like water you are

The enormous falls and fails to rise

I might not cry but I grieve

The thought of you gives apoplexy

My hero Nigeria, rise again

In totality, I’ve proven my love

Fatherland, eliminate the corrupt

Habitat of the black, overwhelm your enemies

Trample upon the haters of your success

Outshine the sun

Multilingual country, unite your people

Nigeria, stupefy your people

I feel not even a modicum of hate for you

Prove your might to the world

Great nation of good people

  • Despite the problems Nigeria is faced with, I still love her unconditionally

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