6th August, 2015 Writers
I am a writer: the ones who can translate soul in black and white
Paint feelings in mosaic and canvas
I am a daughter: the females, the ones who bleed and are taught to be submissive, the ones who hold keys to generations
I am a sister: the female sibling, the human glue 
I am a believer: the ones who believe there is a "supernatural" who live by the Word and are alive by grace
I am a teenager : the ones who live for the moment and are still trying to understand the mystery behind choice.
I am a piece of silver: (the ones they call myopic) the ones who require glass to see clearly, they say we are myopic I say we re silver
I am a gangster: the one behind the trigger
I am a black girl: the hall of famer
I am a glitter: the evidence of hope
I am a dreamer..
Most of all ...
I Am Alexa
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