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She didn't love him
But she couldn't tell him that
He made her laugh
He was in her fantasies 
She always wanted to talk to him
She wanted to know what he was doing
She was never jealous of his girl friends
She knew how much she meant to him
He meant a lot to her too
She couldn't look in his eyes
There was so much love in his eyes
She didn't want to see that love die
She wasn't selfish, no
She hated disappointing people
He was a good guy
He didn't deserve to be hurt
She didn't want things to get this serious
She's glad she got to be his girl but she knew this would happen
She knew herself; she knew how she was
She knew she would always want more; more than he knew
He'd already given her all he knew he could and even more
She always knew she'd still want more than him
She knew he deserved more than pity
But then what could she do?
Should she leave him and hurt him or stay and hurt herself?
No one could understand her like she understood herself
She was happy being with him but she knew she' d be happier without him; she liked her freedom
How could she explain that to someone, anyone
There was a limit to what he could understand
Ending things would make things bad for the friendships she'd established 
She already imagined the whole scenario
If she broke up with him, he'd pretend to be okay with it, he'd never understand..besides she didn't have enough reason to, he'd probably stop caring about her completely and forget what they had
He was good to her, he treated her right and she didn't want him to stop being good to her
If anything, she didn't want him to hate her
She would always want to be friends with him like in the beginning
She thought if she just went with the flow and let things be, somehow things would just find a way of ending 
But they were both good and compatible people. It wasn't going to end except one person decided to end it
Why wasn't she happy just being happy with him? She didn't know
Then again, what could she feel for him that's so strong that she couldn't leave him

Maybe, she did love him.
Abuja, Nigeria
  • If we allow ourselves,sometimes, someone's happiness can be our happiness

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