Achieving Greatness
7th August, 2015 Writers

To achieve your dream, you're going to crush someone else who shares that same dream. So when you achieve your dream, know that you bear those people's hope in you. It's like winning an election against many other candidates; they all dreamed of holding that position and wanted it just as bad as you did. So when you win, the other candidates are entrusting their dream and hope in you. Don't waste your good fortune and become corrupt.

Accept your flaws. Only a few see the imperfections or flaws in what we do. There is no such thing as a perfect being but still we call some public figures perfect. They have just as many flaws as everyone else but they have learned in time to accept those flaws and show the world what they can do rather than be bitter and prevent themselves from achieving their great destiny. The sooner you accept your flaws, the sooner you can achieve greatness because everyone has the potential to be great. We just don't give ourselves the chance and ignore a lot of opportunities. 

Maintain a positive attitude. It'll all work out if you just maintain a positive attitude or aura. Sometimes, we actually chase away great opportunities because of self-instilled negativity. So many people believe you can make it but if you don't believe in yourself even a little, their belief may not be enough for you to achieve greatness. "There is power in the tongue" Everyone knows this but we still use the word 'can't' concerning issues of great importance. This can crush your dream even before you realize it. If we lie to ourselves long enough, we begin to believe those lies and live by them. So how much more the truth? There's no one's word we should believe in more than God's word and our own words. If God says we can do it and we also tell ourselves we can do it, why should we listen to anyone else?

Think. Listen. Feel. Understand. THEN React. Say Less. Don't skip any of these before reacting. Reacting without thinking has led to the death of many; without listening and feeling has already led to most of the misunderstandings and conflicts in the world today; without understanding has led to so many cases of unjustified condemnation. Thinking is different from over thinking. I've heard, "Over thinking is the art of creating problems". A lot of problems and hindrances to achieving greatness have been because of over reacting, over thinking and saying more than we should. Speaking our minds is different from speaking the unnecessary. Speak less and people will cherish your words when you speak.

Abuja, Nigeria
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